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Pam Cheney Scott – Travel Designer & Owner

Pam’s travel career started working for her mother, Elaine Cheney, who owned Ascot Travel in Gurnee, Illinois.  She learned business there and later moved to the Washington DC metro area seeking more challenging travel positions. Her career came to a halt when Covid 19 stopped the travel industry. It was a blessing in disguise because Pam unexpectedly became her mother’s care giver when Elaine’s health declined.  Pam was able to care for her for almost an entire year in Wisconsin until her passing. Pam and her husband decided to move to Pennsylvania to be closer to their grandchildren in 2021. After that she had several former clients reach out and asked about Pam’s future in travel. These customers inspired Pam to start her own business rather than working for someone else.  She has been back since June 2022 and business is booming!  So much so, that she has invited other associates to join Elite Travel Pros. Pam’s leisure and corporate travel background has given her the experience to work with high profile executives and travelers.  Her ideal client is someone who appreciates having access to her and utilizes her experience to elevate their travel experiences year after year.
Pam Cheney Scott

Travel Designer & Owner
Elite Travel Pros

Associate Advisors

Mary Jo is thrilled to be part of Elite Travel Pros. She loves to travel,  explore new countries, and visit UNESCO sites. What does she enjoy more? Helping you find the perfect vacation that fits your goals and gives you memories that will last a lifetime. She specializes in cruises, beach vacations, and international travel, and groups.
Mary Jo

Travel Designer